Ted Shear







Research Areas

Areas of Specialization:
Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophical Logic, Decision Theory
Areas of Competence:
Philosophy of Science, Logic, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics


Two Approaches to Belief Revision [Draft]
Co-author: Branden Fitelson
Erkenntnis (Forthcoming)

Recent Presentations

Justification logic with Confidence
Co-author: John Quiggin
Epistemic Normativity and Becoming our Future Selves
Identity Crisis: Logical considerations for physicalist solutions to the hard problem of consciousness
Co-author: Bernard Molyneux
Lockean Danger Zones and Lossy Inferences
Epistemic norms and the norms on epistemics: A pluralist defense of accuracy-first epistemology
Two Approaches to Belief Revision
Co-authors: Jonathan Weisberg and Branden Fitelson